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KYKC Trivia Pursuit

For those who like trivia, KYKC is having fun this summer testing your Trivia Pursuit knowledge. Questions are posted at all different times so you must check for a new question. Posting of all questions and correct answers can be found here, as well as current winners who'll be jockeying for position. There's always time for new players to get in the game.

Current Leader with 11 correctly answered questions! Susan Sandy

Questions/Posting Times

6/27/05 9am
What animated series was the longest running on TV? Answer: Simpsons
*Becky Walker*

6/29/05 12:30 pm
What Italian city claims to be the birthplace of pizza? Answer: Naples
*Becky Walker/Susan Sandy*

7/5/05 9 am
What color was the letters on M&M's from 1940 to 1954? Answer: Black
*Susan Sandy*

7/7/05 10 am
What's missing when you hear the words "Code Adam" over a Wal-Mart PA System? Answer: A Child
Tie *Susan Sandy/Becky Walker*

7/11/05 10:10 am
What "E" Word do the Amish use to refer to anyone outside their community?
Answer: English
Tie *Becky Walker/Susan Sandy*

7/15/05 10:30 am
What actor played in the Steven Spielberg made-for-TV movie "Dual" where a motorist played war with a truck driver: Peter Fonda, Anthony Hopkins, Dennis Weaver or Alan Alda?
Answer: Dennis Weaver
Tie **Susan Sandy/Becky Walker**

7/18/05 1:30 pm
Where did Lady Godiva Ride?
Answer: Coventry
Tie **Susan Sandy/Becky Walker**

7/19/05 7:30 am
In the book "Harry Potter", what was Harry's Cousin's name: Franky, Neville or Dudley? Answer: Dudley
Tie **Susan Sandy/Becky Walker**
Coming up Brucemister

What Kind of wood is used to fashion the stick for Popsicle brand of ice pops: Brich, Pine or Ash? Answer: Birch
Tie **Susan Sandy/Becky Walker**

7/26/05 8:45 pm
What movie was Bill Murray trying to film when and Angry woodchuck took a bit out of him? Answer: Groundhog Day
**Susan Sandy**

7/27/05 3:00 pm
What game do Britons call noughts and crosses? Answer: Tick-Tac-Toe
**Susan Sandy**

7/28 3:00 pm
In Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot mystery books, what country is the Character Poirot from? Answer: Belgium
*Susan Sandy*

In the Midsomer Murders, what is Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby's side-kick's name: Answer: Sgt. Gavin Troy