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Ian leaves dozens dead as focus turns to rescue, recovery

Rescuers searched for survivors among the ruins of Florida's flooded homes from Hurricane Ian while authorities in South Carolina waited for daylight to assess damage.

Twin Lakes unveils new, improved fire station

After a fire burned down a small-town volunteer fire station last year, Twin Lakes unveiled their brand-new firehouse.

More than 2 million without power in Florida, including Oklahoma family

More than two million people in Florida are still without power, including a family from Oilton, Oklahoma.

As Ian weakens, recovery is underway in the Carolinas and Florida — where more flooding is possible

In Florida, the hurricane's effects will be felt into next week, as forecasters warn of possible major river flooding inland.

Anyone can now use powerful AI tools to make images. What could possibly go wrong?

The move will likely expand the reach of a new crop of AI-powered tools that have already attracted a wide audience and challenged our fundamental ideas of art and creativity.

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